pobbly (pobbly) wrote in osxhardware,

Question for the OS X Pros

Hey gang,

here again with another question tha that hopefully you guys can help me with. So I'm right now running a dual 450MHz G4 Tower with 1gb of RAM inside. It still has a zip drive, can't seem to part with that thing! Damn old school clients...!


Can I update from 10.3.9 OS to the 10.4 system? I looked for half an hour to an hour online but haven't found anything to concrete about a yay or nay?!

I would like to buy the updater and not need to remove anything, just sort of install it and bang, on next reboot there's the new operating system and my app's and things are still there. Does this happen nowadays or is that a big fat nope.

Thanks again for all the help...

Oh, and if anyone knows...what is the process for upgrading your boot rom version on one of these machines. I would like to put my new OWC processors in the tower...


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