That one guy... (estaticfanatic) wrote in osxhardware,
That one guy...

iBook help

I have an iBook G4 mid 2005. there's a pesky problem: the battery isn't charging. I plug the charger in and it reads that it's not charging. I tried this with three fully functional chargers and it's nor working...the charging indicator keeps flickering. Could it be the logic board(had it replaced 4 months ago) or the battery? ANY help will be hot.
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I just had a very similar situation happen to me today. I think it's just my charger for my iBook G4, which I've had since Fall '03 when those machines were introduced--no flickering for the lamp around the plug. The charger/AC adapter has been dropped a number of times and is cracked. Here's to hoping that's the culprit; I hope your situation's been fixed.