pobbly (pobbly) wrote in osxhardware,

external hard drive issue...

So today I bought an external drive enclosure that handles firewire and USB 2.0. I put a 200gb drive in it, as my friend had a spare at his work, good friend eh?! Anyway, put it in, plugged it in and booted up...and for some reason my computer only sees it as an 18.63gb drive. It has 3 partitions, all together totalling up to 18.63 gb.

I've formatted it a few times, wiped it clean using disk utility and even tried forcing it to do a series of smaller partitions to add up to the 200gb, no luck.

I'm running a Dual 450MHz G4 Tower with the latest OS X operating system.

Any ideas, I really need to figure this out as I have to take it to So-Cal thursday for work in a recording studio.

Thanks gang!

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