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Upgrading my sound system

So currently I have the Sony STR-K700 ( for my audio system for my Mac, Blu-ray player, and Digital Cable.

After doing some looking around on cnet, google, endgadet, etc. I've basically narrowed my choice to one, but I'd like some actual feedback instead of reading a static review which the reviewer wont reply to since the system doesn't actually alert them when a comment is made.

The system I'm looking at is the Onkyo S5300.

The things I like about this off the bat

1) two optical digital inputs
2) HDMI inputs
3) Current/future formats
4) Correct my if I'm wrong, but the Onkyo system is much better than the Sony
5) From my general poking around it seems Onkyo has a better reputation for HTIB's than Sony in general

Currently I have my Mac, blu-ray, and cable box hooked into a two toslink switches so I can connect them to the receiver I have, likewise for the HDMI connections to a HDMI switch. I realize the with the Onkyo I would not need the second digital optical input since it'd take A/V over HDMI, which would free up some space and outlets.

Anyway long story short, has anyone used the Onkyo S5300, or really anything from the S3300 up, and were you happy with it?

And am I right when I state the Onkyo S5300 would be an improvement over the Sony STR-K700?

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