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Mac osX Hardware Support's Journal

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Friday, June 18th, 2010
7:58 am - Upgrading my sound system

So currently I have the Sony STR-K700 (http://www.crutchfield.com/S-IcolGczq1yX/p_158HTDW700/Sony-HT-DDW700.html?tab=detailed_info) for my audio system for my Mac, Blu-ray player, and Digital Cable.

After doing some looking around on cnet, google, endgadet, etc. I've basically narrowed my choice to one, but I'd like some actual feedback instead of reading a static review which the reviewer wont reply to since the system doesn't actually alert them when a comment is made.

The system I'm looking at is the Onkyo S5300.


The things I like about this off the bat

1) two optical digital inputs
2) HDMI inputs
3) Current/future formats
4) Correct my if I'm wrong, but the Onkyo system is much better than the Sony
5) From my general poking around it seems Onkyo has a better reputation for HTIB's than Sony in general

Currently I have my Mac, blu-ray, and cable box hooked into a two toslink switches so I can connect them to the receiver I have, likewise for the HDMI connections to a HDMI switch. I realize the with the Onkyo I would not need the second digital optical input since it'd take A/V over HDMI, which would free up some space and outlets.

Anyway long story short, has anyone used the Onkyo S5300, or really anything from the S3300 up, and were you happy with it?

And am I right when I state the Onkyo S5300 would be an improvement over the Sony STR-K700?

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Sunday, January 4th, 2009
7:47 pm

So I thought my DVD drives were dying, I went to J&R today to replace them.

I picked up two Pioneer 1910LS's for 48 bucks each.

I've installed them both, however they don't seem to work.

At one point I could use the eject menu in the system to open them, but they did not read DVDs. That is now a thing of the past since I can't even get them to open from within OS X. (I can get them to open by pressing the eject button on the physical drive w/ my MacPro open so at least I'm not stuck trying to pry one open to get a dvd back.

My question is this- is there a way to make this model work?

I'm running a first gen Mac Pro 3ghz. the drive in question is the Pioneer 1910LS which I have discovered is really a rebadged assus drive so they could get lightscribe.

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008
2:39 pm - 3 problems

Hey all!

I'm having a bit of an issue. Well.. 3 to be exact. I've got a 1.5 year old MacBook Pro.

1) When I start up, and get to the sign in page, a pop-up states that "The tablet did not load because of an internal driver error" HUHWHAT?

2) Occasionally, my computer will just shut down. No weird noises, no battery low business, it will just die. Even on a powercord, or charged battery. (May this be due to that whole tablet error business?)

3) My screen is a little effed up. Sometimes, streaks and checker boards of screwed up pixels will appear. I hear it's something to do with the LCD cells freaking out, but whyy?

Help a lady out, I haven't got the time to drive an hour to the Genius Bar right now! Thanks for any help.

current mood: confused

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Friday, November 21st, 2008
7:41 pm

ok my USB pen stick is telling me my photos are all corrupt or a format my coputer cant recognize... I'm on a mac... can ANYYONE help me? please...all my photos are on that stick.... I'm so freaking out im going to cry.

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Monday, March 10th, 2008
1:27 pm - Firewire and USB PCI cards

I need some hardware advice...

I had hoped to get a new Mac sometime in the near future, since my current one is growing old, but that's not going to be financially feasible for a long long while. I discovered upon replacing my old (firewire) iPod about 16 months ago, that my G4 has USB 1.1 instead of 2.0... and thus my USB iPod takes nearly an entire day to do a complete synch. This, combined with the fact that I am constantly swapping firewire devices, since my system only has 2 firewire 400 ports, but has 4 open PCI slots, led me to realize some time ago that if I am going to hold onto this Mac a while, it's probably a good idea to invest in some USB 2.0 and Firewire 400 PCI cards.

I had a hard time finding any cards that were Mac compatible, and the ones that were seemed to get poor reviews from Mac users. At the time, I was kinda thinking I would replace the Mac soon, anyhow, so I gave up searching.

But now that I'm decidedly going to have to keep using this machine, I was hoping some of you might have advice on some great Firewire 400 and USB 2.0 PCI cards that would be compatible with my machine:

Mac G4 PPC (quicksilver, I think), dual 1 GHz
OS X 10.4.9

One should note that I probably can't upgrade 10.4 any further, and I definitely cannot use Leopard (users of Pro Tools will know of these sorts of disappointments).

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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
7:05 pm - wifi question

hello, i have an old blue and white g3 power mac. i was wondering if anyone has one using an aftermarket pci wireless card? like a d-link or lynksys? i have a linksys 802.11b router, but all the wireless usb or pci products that are affordable don't seem to say they work with osx. i'm running the current os 10.4.2

i remember watching a episode of screen savers years ago showing how to make a linksys pci wireless card work with a mac, but forget how it's done. this would save me from running a lot of ethernet cable under my house.

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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
6:04 pm - 4 Songs Too Big To Burn An Audio Disc

Here's a problem that I have not been able to find a solution for despite searching via Google, online Apple help, and iTunes help on my machine:

I am trying to burn an audio cd. I started out with about a dozen songs but when I went to burn a cd I was told not all of the songs would fit onto one cd. I would take a couple out and try again, and I would get the same message. I am down to 4 songs and I still get the message that they will not fit onto one cd.

The cd is a CD-R, 700MB, 80 minutes. The 4 songs add up to 17MB and 14 minutes. 3 are in MPEG-1, Layer 3 format, and one is in Low Complexity format.

My machine is a dual 533MHZ G4 running MacOS 10.4.9, with 896 megs of RAM. The CD burner is a PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-104.

Any ideas of why 4 songs that take up a whole 17 megs and 14 minutes of time can not fit onto one 700 meg cd?


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Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
7:56 pm - AirPort Issues

I am having trouble with AirPort when trying to join public wireless networks.  It says that Airport has a self-assigned IP address.  How do I get rid of that, so I can go back to joining the Wi-fi networks that aren't my home networks?

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Sunday, February 11th, 2007
10:25 pm - external hard drive issue...

So today I bought an external drive enclosure that handles firewire and USB 2.0. I put a 200gb drive in it, as my friend had a spare at his work, good friend eh?! Anyway, put it in, plugged it in and booted up...and for some reason my computer only sees it as an 18.63gb drive. It has 3 partitions, all together totalling up to 18.63 gb.

I've formatted it a few times, wiped it clean using disk utility and even tried forcing it to do a series of smaller partitions to add up to the 200gb, no luck.

I'm running a Dual 450MHz G4 Tower with the latest OS X operating system.

Any ideas, I really need to figure this out as I have to take it to So-Cal thursday for work in a recording studio.

Thanks gang!


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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
4:03 pm - Airport Extreem Base Station

Hey All,

I am running a MBP and the second to last generation of G4 iBooks wirelessly in our house and a G4 PowerMac on the LAN. We are currently running a D-Link DI-514 wireless router and have had numerous performance and security problems with the router. I recently bought (and had to return because it was defective) an Airport Extreme Base Station.

I was wondering what experiences folks have had with these and if it is worth it to have them send a replacement or just return it and purchase some less expensive wireless equipment?

Any experiences and advice would be greatly appreciated. I just spent the most frustrating 45 minutes of my life trying to figure out which bonehead could actually take my call and after all that told them to just give me a refund. But if it is worth it, I'll buy one.


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Friday, December 29th, 2006
5:19 pm - RAM installation issues

I have now tried three different types of RAM, all of which my computer failed to recognize- The latest is a 1GB DDR333 PC2700, 184p DIMM, the exact same measurements as the RAM included with my computer save for the fact that the two included in my mac are 128MB.

All different RAMs came from different sellers, from CompUSA, bestbuy and ebay. I have tried taking out one of the original RAMs and putting the new one in its slot, but when I do this the computer simply refuses to load until I put the old RAM back.

Is there anything I could do short of taking it into the Mac store?

(Oh, yes, I run a Power Mac OXS G5 tower from about 2003/4 and a 10.4.6 OS)

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
11:44 pm - Webhosting...

So I've been hosting websites I've designed for years with one company called Doteasy.com and I can honestly say that I've never had a major problem with them. They are very affordable for small sites and really easy to navigate for help, or setup, etc...BUT, their sites do seem to load a little slower than ones I've posted on other servers, (client ISP's) after hosting and testing them on my own.

So I'm curious, where do you think is a good place to host a site, how much does it cost, why do you like it and what do you dislike about it.

I'm currently revamping my own personal site, it'll be a portal into all my other sites for design, music, media, art, blogs, techy pages, etc...

so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

All the best and happy holidays everyone!

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Saturday, December 9th, 2006
8:27 pm - iBook help

I have an iBook G4 mid 2005. there's a pesky problem: the battery isn't charging. I plug the charger in and it reads that it's not charging. I tried this with three fully functional chargers and it's nor working...the charging indicator keeps flickering. Could it be the logic board(had it replaced 4 months ago) or the battery? ANY help will be hot.

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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
9:30 pm - Replacing the logic board


I am trying to replace the logic board in my 12 inch Powerbook G4 on my own using the instructions on ifixit.com.  The instructions are very clear and it is working very easily, except I have four screws that won't move: one in the hard drive, one in the modem, and two in the heat sink.  I have all the right sized screw drivers, so I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I might be able to do to make them come out more easily.



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Friday, December 1st, 2006
11:56 pm - Need New Hard Drive Info

Hello all,

I need some information on where I can get a new hard drive for my wife's desktop Mac. It is a 733mhz G4, and the original drive is just about dead. It originally had a 40gb drive but she wants to take this opportunity to get a bigger one, around an 80gb drive. I know it needs to be an ATA, but does it have to be an Ultra ATA? Who sells the proper drives? Are there drives i can stick in there but would not boot the computer, therefore being drives I need to not buy?



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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
10:40 pm - Question

I have a PowerBook G4 15" 1.25GHz with 512MB Memory, 80GB HD with SuperDrive and running Tiger (10.4.8).

Say I'll be interested in selling it probably in January/February because I wanna get a new MacBook Pro in Spring.

How much can I dare hope to get for it?

current mood: curious

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Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
11:25 pm - iTunes 7.0.1 maketh CD burning impossible?

Hardware: iMac G5 2.1GHz, 1.5GB RAM, PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K05

OS: Mac OS X (10.4.8)

So I updated to iTunes 7.0.1 while still using 10.4.7, then updated to 10.4.8. I was unable to burn a music CD (AIFF files) while under 10.4.7, and neither with 10.4.8. While I was on the final version of iTunes 6, no problems with CD burning. Basically, iTunes now hangs on the first track, or so it seems during the burning process. Otherwise, reading CDs or DVDs isn't a problem. I have not attempted to burn a data disc. Permissions have been repaired, but to no avail.

From the brief glance at some of the Apple support forums, I'm beginning to wonder if this might be a firmware issue, or if this is truly a shortcoming of iTunes 7.0.1.

Any thoughts?

(will be cross-posted to appleworld)

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Saturday, September 30th, 2006
11:05 pm - Cleaning 17" Cinema Display Question

My wife has an Apple 17" Cinema Display. A few months ago our son took a Sharpie marker to the screen. We were able to clean most of it off. Is there anyway to get the rest off? Or is it on there forever?


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Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
4:48 pm - Question for the OS X Pros

Hey gang,

here again with another question tha that hopefully you guys can help me with. So I'm right now running a dual 450MHz G4 Tower with 1gb of RAM inside. It still has a zip drive, can't seem to part with that thing! Damn old school clients...!


Can I update from 10.3.9 OS to the 10.4 system? I looked for half an hour to an hour online but haven't found anything to concrete about a yay or nay?!

I would like to buy the updater and not need to remove anything, just sort of install it and bang, on next reboot there's the new operating system and my app's and things are still there. Does this happen nowadays or is that a big fat nope.

Thanks again for all the help...

Oh, and if anyone knows...what is the process for upgrading your boot rom version on one of these machines. I would like to put my new OWC processors in the tower...



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Sunday, September 17th, 2006
3:50 pm - Hard Drive Memory Limit

I have a G5 Power Mac, 1.6GHz. I am trying to squeeze some more life out of it before I replace it. In the spec on the Apple Support site it says: Support for up to two internal Serial ATA drives; 500GB maximum system capacity

Is this limitation a hardware or a software limitation?
Does it have something to do with the file system?
Is there any way around this limit? (without going to external drives)
The computer shipped with OSX 10.2. Would updated to 10.4.7 get rid this limit?

I want to know if I can add larger internal hard drives.

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