Pat Rieger (pat_rieger) wrote in osxhardware,
Pat Rieger

Need New Hard Drive Info

Hello all,

I need some information on where I can get a new hard drive for my wife's desktop Mac. It is a 733mhz G4, and the original drive is just about dead. It originally had a 40gb drive but she wants to take this opportunity to get a bigger one, around an 80gb drive. I know it needs to be an ATA, but does it have to be an Ultra ATA? Who sells the proper drives? Are there drives i can stick in there but would not boot the computer, therefore being drives I need to not buy?


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Nothing SATA or SATA 2 will work. If it's a quicksilver you're referring to, the drive in there should be an Ultra ATA, 5400 RPM. The nice thing is, they're readily available and cheaper than SATA drives. Check for the best deal.
Any ATA drive will work. There isn't a practical difference between Ultra ATA and ATA for your concerns. Any ATA drive from Newegg (above) will be fine. Look for something that's 7200 RPM, as many gigabytes as you need. Get a 5 year warranty if you care - most drives have a 3 or 5 year warranty. I prefer drives from Seagate and Toshiba personally. 5 year warranties, great quality.

Good luck!
Google ---> type "hard drive, ata mac" and whatever you'd like to add --->list o stores
agreed with above. anything ATA, 7200 rpm will be noticeably faster than the current drive. If you're looking for something more quickly, check the ads for BestBuy, CompUSA, or whatever computer/electronics stores may be around, you can get really god prices from them occasionally, if the sales and rebates align.

80Gb is probably going to be about the smallest that you'll find, when you're looking, make sure you don't limit to just 80gig, or you may end up paying more for less.
Are there drives i can stick in there but would not boot the computer, therefore being drives I need to not buy?

No. Any hard drive with the proper connections (ATA, not SATA, as others have mentioned) will work.

A new drive will probably come with its own cable. Use that one if possible.